Cyma CM127 AEP (Black)

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- Around 210/220 Fps
- 28 Round Magazine
- High ROF On Full Auto
- Metal internal parts
- Metal slide
- Strong ABS Body
- Rechargeable battery pack


Pistol Glock 18 custom AEP from Cyma, China.

The principle of the pistol: electro-pneumatic.
The body of the gun is made of shock-resistant ABS plastic. In the lower part of the frame there is a RIS-bar for installation of attachments (LCU, flashlight).

Inside is a custom gearbox, designed specifically for this pistol.
It is powered by a 7.2 volt battery, 500 mAh.
The initial speed of the ball: 60-70 m / s.
Store capacity: 28 balls.
(Note: Shops are NOT interchangeable with Cyma's USP and Desert Eagle stores!) Equipment

: gun, manual, battery, charger, loader, dough pack.
(Note: The warranty does not apply to the battery and charger!)

Glock GmbH (in English, Glock GmbH) is an Austrian arms manufacturer founded in Deutsch-Wagram in 1963, a small town near Vienna, Austria. Named after the name of its founder - Gaston Glock.
Pistols designed by Gaston Glock are produced serially from the beginning of the 80s after the victory of this design at a competition organized in 1980 by the Austrian army. Currently, they are in service in more than 30 countries.
Glock 18 - Austrian automatic pistol manufactured by Glock GmbH under the caliber of 9 × 19 mm Parabellum. It is intended for arming special forces of the army and police. Photo Glock 18 in version Glock 18C third-generation Glock pistols.
In a popular culture, often the samples as Glock 18 are actually converted (with the option of automatic fire) Glock 17, usually with a magazine for 33 cartridges.


(comes with eu type charger adapter needed) 

Box Contents:

  • Pack of pellets -  0.20g
  • Includes Unique AEP Battery (7.2v) ni mh 500mAH
  • Includes Charger (EU PLUG)
  • Manual + Parts List
  • Un-jamming / Cleaning Rod
  • Speed loader


Scale: 1:1
Weight: 675g
Length: 201mm
Magazine: 25 Round Mag
Measured velocity:  Up To 225Fps
Hop-Up: FULLY adjustable
Fire mode: Single/Full Auto (8RPS)
Barrel type: Metal
Battery: Unique

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