Cyma CM127 Mosfet AEP Pistol (Lipo Battery and Charger Inc. - Black - CM127S)

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The Cyma CM127 is a great addition to the AEP (auto electric pistol) range, this unique gun has mottled comfortable ergo grips, G18 style selector and new design of top slide making this gun stand out, but underneath the exterior is the reliable CM030.
This is an enhancement to the original EAP battery version and has a pre-installed mosfet and lipo battery, and has stunning trigger response., no need to remove batteries and charging is done by simply plugging in the USD charger, can be charged in the field if you have a USB power bank.
This Electric pistol is a real stunning airsoft pistol, at 210 fps with semi / full auto, this airsoft gun makes an ideal back up gun and great for CQB, but can hold its own in the field due its good accuracy and range from the efficient hop unit that is their main talking point. Generally out ranging all gas based pistol that it may be up against.
- Pre-installed battery
- USB charging
- Safety
- Thumb dial hop up
- High strength Polymer construction
- Realistic detailingSemi Auto + Full Auto + Safe

200 +/ 5%

Hop Up



Main Construction

RIS System
20mm Lower Rail



Power Source
Pre-installed battery and lead


Accessories Included
Magazine + Manual + Speed Loader

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