• £7.99

    All new guns spend time in shipping and storage which can lead to dry and unsatisfactory seals. This causes reduced performance and, in extreme cases, the gun will not cycle at all.Lubrication is necessary to obtain the most from your new gun, howeve..

  • £4.00

    Our silicone grease does not degrade over time, it won’t harden or reduce its effectiveness. It maintains a consistent and fluid covering over friction surfaces and because silicone is inert, it won’t damage their surfaces.Abbey Silicone Gun Grease c..

  • £7.50

    Abbey Silicone Gun Oil is our high-quality silicone oil designed to protect your firearm in storage and during use. This is a light viscosity silicone oil and a few drops into a clean, lint free cloth, can protect your firearm from all common forms o..

  • £5.50

    Duel Code Airsoft Green Gas (150ml)..

  • £10.00

    Duel Code Premium Gas 600ml refill canSuitable for gas powered fixed slide & blowback Airsoft BB gunsDuel Code Gas contains a high performance silicone lubricantDuel Code gas is specially formulated to give you the edge on the competition.Compati..

  • £3.00

    KICKASS silicone gun grease is used for getting the upper edge when servicing your gearbox and fixing the leaks on your favourite gas guns..